Current issue - vol. 13, nr 2all articles


Anna Dyhdalewicz | Urszula Widelska
pages: 1-13; JEL classification: M21, M31, M41; Keywords: innovations, marketing innovations, accounting, intangible assets, research and development costs; Abstract: Innovations are an important, although imprecise conceptual category. They are perceived differently depending on the accepted scientific perspective. The article verifies the concept of innovation in terms of marketing and accounting. The main aim of the paper is to identify problems and formulate preliminary research hypotheses connected to the integration of the accounting and marketing functions of an enterprise within the context of the assessment of innovative activities conducted by the entity. Additionally, it is the authors’ intention to draw attention to similarities and differences that occur between the regulations of the national accounting law and the approach of marketing within this domain. For the purposes of the research it has been hypothesized that the integration of the accounting and marketing functions of en enterprise concerning innovation is limited because of different perceptions of sources and results of innovation within these two fields. Assessments of the innovativeness of the same enterprise from the perspective of marketing and from the perspective of accounting are different.